Saturday, October 07, 2006

Support Death Penalty To TERRORIST AFZAL

Dear Friend

You must be aware of news that Supreme Court has ordered that Mohammed
Afzal be hanged on October 20. This Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist is
mastermind behind the attack on Parliament, the heart of democracy.

Muslim groups in Kashmir including the politicians have initiated
nationwide signature campaign to show support for mercy to Mohammed
Afzal, which will be an insult to the Nation and the sacrifice of

All citizens of this country must oppose these efforts. Hence an online
e-letter cum signature drive has been started to support the verdict of
Supreme Court. It sends an automated e-letter to the President of India
and the Prime Minister.

Please participate in this drive and spread the message as soon as

Link of protest drive: http:/

/www.Vande Mataram, Jay Hind


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