Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Computer Security Tips-Protect your Password.

Identity theft has become a major problem faced by the
web community.Here are few tips(most of them known by
all) to protect your privacy and prevent use of your
ID for malicious purpose
1.Use a long password containing alphanumericals
(preferably more than 8 chars).
2.let the charecters not be of certain sequence or
your name,D.O.B,phone number etc.
3.if you have visited any site through a link in the
mail verify the adress in the address bar before
entering the ID and Password.
4.Never give away your credit card number in an
untrusted site.
5.IMP:Never click "remember my password" option
especially in Mozzilla and Opera browsers.Mozzilla
browsers show password directly with the ID and site
name.In Opera others cant see your actual password if
it is saved but can access your ID by typing the exact
link and pressing "Ctrl+Enter" and selecting the ID
whose password has been saved in that computer. Never
save your password in a public computer or if your
compoter is accessed by other persons.


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