Saturday, April 16, 2005



1. Place of the word "SURITI" in the dictionary involving the letters of its own.
2. There are two groups having five questions in each group. You have to answer six questions taking maximum four from each.( 150 200/ 250 300)
3. There are three person A , B & C. Find the probability that A will come first and B will come before C.
4. Seven toys are to be distributed among three children's. What is the number of distribution? ( )
5. Two men think numbers one to twenty five each. Find the probability to obtain no match. ( 1/25 24/25 2/25 none)
6. There are two series: 16 21 26 ...... & 17 21 25 ..... Find the sum of 100 terms which are common to the both series. Ans.-101100
7. Solve differential equation dy = (sec x + ytan x)dx. Ans: ycos x = x
8. Solve differential equation xdy - ydx + logxdx = 0 at ( x = 1, y = 1)
9. Evaluate ((2x-3)/(x*x + x + 1)**2 dx Ans: - 1/(x*x + x + 1) +something.
10. Find the value of f(0) .When f(x) = {1-cosx(1-cosx)}/x**4 is continuous.
11. Find the value of Lt {( e**x dx}/{( e**2x dx }
x®0 [Lower lim=0, Upper lim=x inthe both integral.]

12. Given x = sin( 1t, y = 1/sqrt( 1- t**2) Find (d/dx)(dy/dx) at t = 0.5.
13. A question related with work , heat & internal energy...... Ans: (Q - (W.
14. Direction of motion of an electron placed in an electromagnetic field .....
(a. along electric field b. along magnetic field c. plane of magnetic field and electron. d. .....)
15. One question related with saturation current of triod valve. Ans: increasing
Temperature of cathode.
16. One question relating the frequency of X-ray (about range of frequency)
17. Two atoms having same atomic number and mass number are called -
a. isotope b. isober c. isomer d. isotone.
18. Arrange in the order of acidity of phenol, o-chlorel, nitro benzene.
19. What is the main product of the reaction of toluene & chlorine in the presence of
ferric chloride. ( a. ortho & chloro toluene b. penta toluene c. meta choloro
toluene d. ...... )
20. A water drop having 0.3 micro coulomb charge in the field 50 volts per metre.
What is the force .
21. A man measures the length of a rod . In the first case the man is moving & in the
second case the rod is moving. Will there be any change in the measurement of length.
22. Two problems on coding and decoding Ans: SOFT- FEAT MOON- 2778
23. From Barrons GRE book edition 1997 page - 377 chap - analytical ability-
The office staff of X,Y,Z .....
( question no 24 to 26) Write according to the given conditions :
a. only A is sufficient, B not necessary.
b. Only B is sufficient, A not necessary.
c. A & B together are sufficient.
d. A alone sufficient, B alone sufficient.
24. Is x> 0 ? A. x**2 + 1 = 0 B. x**3-1 = 0 Ans: b
25. One man is standing near a light post of height 18 ft . What is the length of shadow?
A. height of man is 6 ft. B. he is standing ..... ft away from lamp post. Ans: c.
26. One train S starts from a town P towards Q .Another starts from Q towards P. They meet at R. which train has greater velocity?
A............... B................. Ans: d.
27. Question to find out permitivity.. Ans: 3.3.


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